Chrysalis Products

Products designed for you and your market

Specialists in NPD and range extensions

Combining in-depth formulation knowledge, manufacturing know-how and packaging expertise, we provide a flexible, bespoke service with
all the elements you need to realise your concept as a ready-to-sell product.

Our experts will guide and advise, so you can be confident your packaging will
comply with EU labelling & health claim requirements.

Everything we supply complies with EU quality standards The EU enforces health claims and ingredients that may be used for food supplements.
Labelling regulations dictate the information which must be shown on packaging and how it should be displayed.
Our experts will guide and advise you, so you can be confident your marketing material and labelling will comply with these requirements.

The Chrysalis Products Team

Terry Young

Terry Young

Sales Director

Bethany Bramwell

Bethany Bramwell

sales co-ordinator

Tom Mangham

Tom Mangham

Business development

Our private label capabilities


With a suite of tableting machines, we have the capacity to produce tablets of all shapes and sizes and offer advanced presentation formats to enhance your products niche


Two-piece encapsulation in gelatine, vegetarian, clear or coloured shells

Soft gels

We are able to supply soft gel capsules on a large scale in various sizes ranging from 5 oval to 24 oblong.


We can develop and manufacture a range of powder products, Ideal and convenient solutions for the sports nutrition, and food supplement sectors


Our liquid production capabilities extend into oils, sprays, shots, syrups and other advanced product formats


Chrysalis can offer a range of gel products. Ideal for sports nutrition, meal replacement and food supplement sectors

Maximizing global potential

Our Chrysalis Products business has developed products for some of the largest brands on the UK and European markets.

We support private label supply from our extensive database of formulations, which can be offered in a variety of pack types and flexible batch sizes.

Coupled with our in-house design capability, it allows for both a speedy and joined up approach to new product development.

With a fully equipped laboratory, we offer a complete product development service from lab scale prototyping, through pilot to full scale manufacture and supply. We also offer full stability and stress testing of formulations and can provide trouble shooting, product improvements, in addition to  ‘blue sky development’.

Packaging solutions

Tubs & Pots

Working closely with industry regulated partners, we have a range of tubs to suit your exact requirements.


We can process and pack powder to a range of pouches from 25g to 25kg. An ideal solution for sports nutrition or meal replacement products

Blister Packs

We have an extensive selection of blisters to suit your pack size, with cartons designed bespoke for you

Plastic bottles

Our facility can handle the packing of bulk liquids into plastic bottles with, pump, spray or dropper closures


Our equipment can handle the production of 4 sided (square) and 3-sided (stick pack), ideal for individual servings

Glass bottles

Our facility can handle the packing of bulk liquids into glass bottles with, pump, spray or dropper closures