Innovation in Nutrition

Chrysalis is a UK-based manufacturer of Nutritional Supplements. Our experienced team specialise in the design, formulation and manufacture of a wide range of Health & Beauty products.


Chrysalis offers full flexibility in Tablet manufacturing, with runs from 50,000 upwards. The Tablet presses and associated tools allow a wide range of Tablet sizes and types.

Chrysalis can fill hard, 2-piece Capsules with good flexibility on production run sizes.

Chrysalis can manufacture and fill liquid formulations, including Emulsions, Gels and Serums.

Chrysalis specialises in improving formulation efficiency. Our Granulation and Drying services are used by Ingredient Producers and Contract Manufacturers to treat excipients and active compounds to optimise formulations.

Chrysalis can create customised powder blends, such as bespoke Vitamin, Mineral or BCAA blends to meet specific client requirements. We also have the capability to sieve, mill, refine and improve powders for clients.

Chrysalis specialises in the creation of bespoke Liposomal preparations, using its own in-house proprietary techniques. Liposomes provide several benefits in order to add value to formulations.


The Chrysalis facility in Nottingham is a purpose-built 7500 sq. ft. Nutritional Supplement Production Suite consisting of 14 individual rooms and further smaller designated booths, allowing multiple isolated job types to run concurrently.



The Chrysalis facility in Nottingham is British Retail Consortium (BRC) quality accredited. Chrysalis employs HACCP quality protocols and works to Food GMP.

Product Development

Over the years we’ve worked for and with numerous household names in Health & Beauty, assisting in developing products, manufacturing and offering technical and consultancy services.

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