The Chrysalis facility in Nottingham is a purpose-built 7500 sq. ft. Nutritional Supplement Production Suite consisting of 14 individual rooms and additional specialist booths, allowing multiple isolated job types to run concurrently. The entire facility has an extensive air quality handling and extraction system, ensuring product integrity throughout the production process.


Chrysalis offers full flexibility in Tablet manufacturing, with runs from 50,000 upwards. Many different shapes and sizes of tooling, covering variants such as chewable, swallowable, coated and uncoated tablets.

Full range of standard products
Batch sizes from 50k up
Pot & tub filling in house


Chrysalis can fill hard, 2-piece capsules with good flexibility on production run sizes.

2 semi-automatic machines, each capable of filling 120,000 capsules per day
Flexible order from quantities 50,000 capsules upwards
Pot & tub filling in house

Liquid Production and Filling

Chrysalis can manufacture and fill liquid formulations, including oils (with nitrogen flush), syrups, emulsions, gels and serums. Bulk IBC, Bottle, spray, dropper and pump pack options available.

In-house ability to blend liquids, including with high shear homogenisation
Flexible set-up to fill liquids from 3ml to 500ml
Flexible order from quantities from 500 bottles upwards