Ingredient Processing

Chrysalis offers a range of ingredient processing technologies, designed to offer benefits to manufactures and consumers alike. Granulation, Milling, Premixing and Blending are just a selection of the technologies we can offer to improve your products and efficiency.

Granulation & Drying

Chrysalis specialises in improving formulation efficiency. Our Granulation and Drying services are used by Ingredient Producers and Contract Manufacturers to treat excipients and active compounds to optimise formulations.

300 litre planetary granulator with 48 tray drier
Technologies to improve the flow of powders and enhance the dispersion or dilution of actives
Production of Direct Compression grades of fine powders

Powder Seiving, Milling & Blending

Chrysalis can create customised powder blends, such as bespoke Vitamin, Mineral or BCAA blends to meet specific client requirements. We also have the capability to sieve, mill, refine and improve powders for clients.

A selection of in-house blenders to produce 50-500kg pre-mixes / blends batches and upwards
Product rework for tablets, capsules and powders.
Repacking and processing work including 100% metal detection


Chrysalis specialises in the creation of bespoke Liposomal preparations, using its own in-house proprietary techniques. Liposomes provide several benefits in order to add value to formulations, including:

Enhanced performance and bioavailability
Improved stability of active ingredients
Opportunity to mask or improve taste profiles